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Margin Lending (RG146) Accredited Course

Margin Lending 

Unit Code:        FNSASICR503

Duration:           6 months

Fee Type:        Full Fee - $399 Online 

This Margin Lending Course will provide you with the specialist knowledge to offer personal advice in margin lending (loans), geared share portfolios, and geared financial products. The course offers specialist margin lending RG146 training; training that will give you that competitive edge for prospective future employment.

Students who successfully complete this course will meet the education requirements of ASIC Regulatory Guide 146 (RG 146) for providing personal advice in margin lending to retail clients.  

Pre-enrolment Information

There are many factors to consider prior to enrolling into any course. Please click here for our pre-enrolment information and pick up the phone to speak with one of our experienced course consultants.

 Study Entry Requirements

The pre-entry requirments for this course are

FNSINC501          Conduct product research to support recommendations

FNSIAD501          Provide appropriate services, advice and products to clients

FNSCUS505         Determine client requirements and expectations

FNSCUS506         Record and implement client instructions

Evidence - To satisfy the pre-requisite requirements evidence of competency must be provided through mutual recognition of study completed with another Training Provider (credit transfer process) or through recognition of prior learning (RPL process) 

Program Delivery & Support

Our Margin Lending course is delivered online through our learning platform, myIntegrity.  All course content, learning and assessment materials and resources are provided to you through this platform.

This study options offers complete flexibility - Students can study at a time and place that suits their work and family schedule. There are no requirements to attend any classes.

All online students have unlimited telephone and online access to a trainer between 9am-5pm.


This unit is assessed through

- Written Questions

- Case study

- Role play 

Course Entry Requirements

Minimum requirements

  • At least 18 years of age at the time of enrolment.
  • Access to a computer and internet connection.
  • Computer skills, as detailed below.
  • Meet the required levels in Language, Literacy & numeracy, as explained below.

Language, Literacy & Numeracy Requirements

This course requires you to read comprehensive learner guides, complete a range of written assessments, undertake independent research activities and at times engage in online forums and discussions.

All learners will undertake a language, literacy and numeracy skills assessment prior to the course commencement. This assessment will highlight if you require any additional support in these areas.


Skill requirements

To successfully complete this course, learners will require basic computing skills. This may include:

  • saving and editing Microsoft Office documents
  • researching, accessing and searching the internet
  • downloading and saving documents from websites
  • uploading documents through websites

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) / Credit Transfers (CT)

Credit Transfer (CT)

Integrity Education recognises all previously attained current qualifications and/or statements of attainment issued by another RTO or University.  If you have previously studied and successfully obtained a unit of competency that is contained in one of Integrity Educations courses you will be awarded with a credit transfer.

How do I apply?

To apply for Credit transfer please complete the relevant credit transfer form and attach a certified copy of your transcript/s. Please submit to All applications for credit transfer are processed within 5 working days.


Integrity Education does not charge any fee for credit transfers.


Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

Integrity Education offers Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) as a valid and acceptable method of qualification attainment. RPL is a process through which the experience, skills and knowledge that you already have can be converted to nationally recognised qualifications.

Getting qualifications through RPL means that you don’t have to undertake study about things that you already know. You can just show evidence that you’ve covered it in your job. Applicants for RPL must provide evidence that demonstrates competency in each unit of competency for the desired qualification.

How do I apply?

To apply for RPL please download the RPL Kit for your chosen qualification. Please read the instructions carefully, in particular, the evidence and supporting documentation requirements.  Once you have gathered all the evidence required please enrol online through / Apply Now / and select your chosen course.

You can download the RPL Self-Assessment here:

  • RPL Self-Assessment FNS40815 (available soon)
  • RPL Self-Assessment FNS50315 (available soon)


The fees will vary depending on the subject/qualification you are seeking RPL in. Please click here for our statement of fees.

What is the RPL process?

Step 1

Submit your application, payment and all the supporting documentation as outlined in the RPL Kit.

Step 2

Your application and supporting documentation will be assessed by Integrity Education against each unit of competency applied for. The evidence submitted will be assessed using the following criteria:

Ø  Evidence – Is there sufficient evidence to indicate the experience, training, knowledge and skills of the applicant?

Ø  Quality – Is the experience, training, knowledge and skills relevant and suitably extensive to cover all aspects of the competencies of the course?

Ø  Relevance – Is the experience, training, knowledge and skills currently relevant to the course’

Step 3

Your assessor will contact you to conduct a telephone / skype interview.

Step 4

The assessment decision is made, with the possible outcomes.

RPL Granted – your Certificate will be issued within 10 working days to your nominated address.

RPL Deferred – your application is deferred pending receipt of additional evidence or a partial assessment to fill a particular gap i

RPL Declined.