How do I to meet the FASEA Standards?

The implementation of the FASEA Standards on 1st January and the recent release of the Banking Royal Commission Final Report has seen a significant number of individual Advisers and Licensees asking “what do I need to do to meet the requirements of the FASEA Standards and who can help me work out a pathway forward?”

What if I get it WRONG?

I’m time poor, have a business to run, a family, and a life.  I don’t have time to explore my options, and I don’t have the time to get it wrong!

It’s the little details and how to handle the process end-to-end that I need help with.  

I feel much better now after you explained my options.  I have a lot more certainty about what I need to do, and I see the value in your advice.

Each Adviser is unique in terms of their experience, completed qualifications and career goals.  Some Financial Advisers are well placed to meet the FASEA Education Standard, whilst others have significant training gaps.  Either way, many Advisers are uncertain and confused about what they need to do to become ‘FASEA compliant’ and want to avoid making mistakes that could cost them significant Time and Money.

How can I put in place a plan for ME?

Integrity offers two Plans* to cater for the differing needs of a diverse range of Existing Advisers.

  • Plan 1:  Personal Pathway Plan (PPP)  a written report which provides recommendations on education pathways, identify training gaps, credit options, completion timeframes, & a short list of FASEA Approved Course Providers.
  • Plan 2: Individual Education Plan (IEP) – a written report which provides recommendations on education pathways, identify training gaps and implementing solutions, identify and maximise credit options, completion timeframes, short list of FASEA Approved Course Provider, and assistance with the Admission Process for the preferred FASEA Approved Course Provider.

* Each Plan includes advice on how to incorporate the preparation and completion of the Financial Adviser Exam required under the FASEA Standards.

Are there any advantages to do this with Integrity?

The simple answer is, “Yes”.   Integrity Education is at the forefront of understanding the FASEA Standards and we do not believe in a ‘one size fits all’ approach.  We create value for Financial Advisers by optimising education strategies based on the Adviser’s unique and individual circumstances.

Integrity is agnostic when it comes to suggestions about Education Providers and can help you choose from all Providers in the market.  Other similar services which provide Advisers with a personal education review can be limited to one Education Provider, or limited to only a couple of Education Providers based on aligned-interests.

Integrity Education engages industry practitioners to undertake the individual analysis and engages directly with University Providers to provide you with an outcome which maximising credits, removes unnecessary study time, and saves your money, all in accordance with the directions of “FPS001 FASEA Education Pathway Policy.”

What are the fees to develop my Individual Education Plan (IEP)?

If you have time for a quick 5-minute chat over the phone to explore where you are at now, what you are trying to achieve, possible challenges, we can then provide an accurate quote for your own Plan.

What are the next steps?

If you would like to develop your own Individual Education Plan (IEP), or the higher-level Personal Pathway Plan (PPP), please contact Joel anytime on 03 8535 3170 or at

Or simply complete our Enquiry form.

Pricing Plans

For AFSLs or larger groups of Adviser, preferential pricing options are available upon request.  Please complete the “Enquiry Form.

For individual Existing Advisers:

Initial 5 minute Consultation Plan 1: Personal Pathway Plan Plan 2: Individual Education Plan
FREE $500 (+ GST)

Price quoted individually.

Enquiry Form

Enquiry Form