How do the FASEA Standards impact YOU?

  • Are you time poor, trying to manage your business, family and have a life?
  • Are you unsure about what further education you need to complete?
  • Are you getting different answers from your Licensee, Peers, and Educators?
  • Are you worried you might make the wrong education choice which will cost you time & one?
  • Would you like a definitive answer based on YOUR circumstances so that you can start planning?

Integrity Education has put in all the hard work, so you don’t have to!

Our Experts have spent months

  • Analysing the FASEA Standards and Policy documents,
  • Liaising with FASEA Approved Courses Providers to understand the various offers, and
  • Creating tailored Individual Plans for (Existing) Financial Advisers to meet the FASEA Standards.

Why is this so important?

The key for Existing Advisers to plan and choose an appropriate education pathway to meet the FASEA Standards, they need to know their ‘starting point’.  By planning Existing Adviser will SAVE

  • Time (an asset we are all short of!), &
  • Money (an asset I’m sure most of us would like more of!)

How can we help Existing Advisers?

Each Adviser is unique in terms of their experience, completed qualifications and career goals.  Some Financial Advisers are well placed to meet the FASEA Education Standard, whilst others have significant training gaps.  Either way, many Advisers are uncertain and confused about what they need to do to become ‘FASEA compliant’ and want to avoid making mistakes that could cost them significant Time and Money.

In recognition of this, Integrity offers Existing Advisers two Plans* based on a detailed, personal analysis of an your unique circumstances.

  • Plan 2: Individual Education Plan (learn more) – a detailed written report which provides recommendations and solutions about education pathways, training gap solutions, FASEA Approved Course Provider selection, and other detailed information.
  • Strategy to help Advisers (Existing and New) prepare for the mandatory Financial Adviser Exam

* Each Plan includes advice on how to incorporate the preparation and completion of the Financial Adviser Exam required under the FASEA Standards.

How can we help Licensees?

  • Provide detailed information to understand the AFSL and Adviser obligations under the new FASEA Standards.
  • Advice to Responsible Managers about their obligations under the FASEA Standards.
  • Keynote presentations at Professional Development (PD) Days, Adviser conferences, Webinars etc
  • Develop Continuing Professional Development (CPD) strategy, CPD qualifying activity approval process, & Adviser CPD Plans.
  • Implement Adviser Growth Strategy through development of a Professional Year to meet the FASEA Standards.

How can I find out more information?

If you would like to know more about how the FASEA Standards may impact on you or your business, please complete the “Enquiry Form” and we can arrange a 5-minute call to explore where you are at now, what you are trying to achieve, any existing challenges, and possible options going forward.

Alternatively, please call Joel on 1300 400 346, or email

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