FASEA Standard 2 – Education Requirements of Existing Advisers

An EXISTING Adviser is anyone who has been registered on the ASIC Financial Advisers Register at anytime between 1st January 2016 and 31st December 2018.

If you are an Existing Advisers, you have a range of options available to meet the new FASEA Education requirements. The amount of education a relevant provider (Financial Adviser) will be required to undertake will depend on the amount of education you already have.  Some key information:

  • The maximum requirements for an Existing Adviser will be a Graduate Diploma of 8 subjects.
  • The minimum requirements for an Existing Adviser will be 1 subject being FASEA’s Bridging Course – The FASEA Code of Ethics and Code Monitoring Bodies.

Recognition of prior learning and the number of subjects required, will vary by pathway for each individual.

Summary of Pathways

The FASEA Education Pathways specify the range of programs and courses that Existing Advisers can undertake to meet this requirement. The FOUR pathways depend on where you start in terms of current, completed education levels:

1. Existing Adviser – Approved Degree Pathway
2. Existing Adviser – Relevant Degree Pathway
3. Existing Adviser – Non-Relevant Degree Pathway
4. Existing Adviser – No Degree Pathway

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